Christmas and Winter - 2009 - 2010



We owe our faithful readers an apology for having neglected the website.  It is a great tool to keep in touch with people and to keep everyone current with what has been going on in the life of our canonry as well as in the lives of the brethren here, especially our American brethren.

I believe it remains to date the best overall website dealing with the canonical life, history and activity. Efforts are being made at present to finally update the entire website as a whole, so we will hopefully not be stuck permanently in 2002 when the website was first put together.


Dom Clemens



Here is a brief update on what people are doing these days.





We know that people are sick of the winter at this point, but the following are some highlights from Christmas



Very "Christmas Cozy"!


The entrance by night


And the sanctuary of the church all decked out


The Archducal crown takes a powder


Dom Kilian gets a visit from his brother, Jason Fudge. Jason and his friend Drew Breese took many of these photos - so blame them!


Doms Ignatius and Nicolaus enjoying the celebrations in the



The usual cast of characters enjoying the feast


Even the Sebastianikapelle got a wreath for Christmas


Doms Daniel and Josef were in good form


And now for our Film Noire series!


Convent garden in the snow

Dom Maximilian and Dom Josef at New Years

Dom Benedict and Dom Daniel look perplexed - or like spies from a '50's movie

Standing, Dom Elias converses with Dom Leopold


Just a miscellaneous picture of a road in winter


The Provost chatting with Dom Norbert

Dom Ambros, just saying "hey"

The immutable Dom Gabriel




Stefanitag 2009


Of course we had our annual (extended) Juniorate Stefanitag celebration after Christmas. It always requires much work, but people chip in and it is a success.


Drew Breese and Dom Daniel before the feast

Grace before the Stefanitag meal. We remember that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

Relaxing after the meal up in the Himmel



Jason and Drew are both excellent photographers, so here are a few of the pictures they took while here.


Ceiling above the main entrance to the monastery

Ground floor corridor of the monastery (Neustift)

Dom Kilian at the door to the Sebastianikapelle

Windows and decoration of the Wehingerkapelle in the cloister


Rooms of the novices and juniors in the Altstift


Christ the keystone in the webbed vaulting of the old fountain house

Great picture of the abbey church with memorial lamp in the foreground

And from another perspective

The windows of the Marble Hall

A view from the east. In the foreground a tower belonging to the medieval city walls of Klosterneuburg

What was to be Emperor Charles VI's grand entrance to his "Austrian Escorial"

A closeup of one of the works of art in the abbey's treasury






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