Feasts of the Canons Regular


In the Sacred Liturgy the Catholic Church encounters the central mysteries of the Christian faith which Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted to the St. Peter and the Apostles and their successors, the pope and the bishops.

Arranged in an annual calendar, these mysteries pertain always and first of all to the worship of the Blessed Trinity as Jesus Christ revealed and to the salvation He has made available to us through the his passion, death and resurrection.

Moreover the Church venerates in a exemplary way the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, for her unique role in the plan of salvation. 


Lastly the Church honors the martyrs and other saints, calling to mind the wonderful ways in which the Holy Spirit has raised up lowly sinners to do great things for God.


 In addition to this universal calendar in which the entire Church participates, the Church encourages peoples, dioceses and religious communities to honor those saints and blessed who are dear to them and their experience of faith.  Therefore the Church entrusts legitimate ecclesiastical authorities to produce such a supplementary calendar.  This is called a proprium or proper.

 The canons regular confederated in 1959.  One of the first tasks of the confederation was to produce a proper of the order's saints with texts for the breviary and missal. In so doing the confederation hoped to promote the particular spirituality of the canons through the annual commemoration of the sanctity of the order's spiritual predecessors and its members down the centuries.
The current German edition from which the list below is drawn came as a result of the collaboration of the Austrian Congregation and the Little Brothers of the Common Life.  Confirmed by the Congregation of Divine Worship and Sacraments in 1993, it was published as Proprium der Augusiner-Chorherren in 1996 and is now in use.

Each Stift still possesses its own celebrations particular to its history. For example, Stift Klosterneuburg celebrates the feast of St. Leopold on November 15th with great solemnity for he is not only regarded as a founding father of Austria, but also is the founder of the abbey in 1114. Another important feast is the Nativity of Mary. It is to Our Lady under this title that the abbey church and minor basilica (on the left) is dedicated.

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Calendarium of the
Austrian Congregation






optional memorial



03     M      Alanus of Sominihac, bishop


08     M      Laurentius Giustiniani, bishop


09     m      Alexia le Clerc, virgin (1622)

12     m      Martin of Leon, priest (1203)



04     M      Gilbert, priest (1189)

07     m      Guarinus, bishop (1159)

18     M      Theotonius, priest (1166)


06     m      Oldegar, bishop (1137)

29     m      William Tempier, bishop



05     m      Catherine Thomas, virgin


06     m      William, abbot (1203)

09     m      Gaucherius, priest, (1140)

24     M      Conversion of St. Augustine

26     m      Boniface (1243) and Emmerich

                   (1313), bishops

27     m      Achard, bishop (1171)

30     m      Hildebrand, bishop (1219)



05     M      Stanislaus, priest (1489)

08     m      Maria Catherine of St.

                   Augustine, virgin (1668)

16     M      Ubald, bishop, (1160)

21     M      Ivo, bishop (1116)

25     M      Gregory VII, pope (1085)

29     m      Bona, virgin (1207)



06     M      Norbert, bishop (1134)

15     M      Bernard of Mont Joux,

                   archdeacon (1081)

25     m      Maria Lhuilier, virgin and

                  martyr (1794)



09     M      Jan van Osterwijk, priest and
                  martyr (1572)

20     m      Thorlak, bishop (1193)




02     M      Eusebius, bishop (371)

07     m      Juliana, virgin (1258)

09     M      Altmann, bishop (1091)

12     m      Maurice Tornay, priest and

                   martyr (1949)

13     m      Meinhard, bishop (1196)

17     M      Alypius (ca. 430) and Possidius

                  (ca. 437), bishops

27     F       Monica, mother of St. Augustine

28     S       Augustine, bishop and doctor of

                  the Church, father of the Order



4          04     M     Jean Charles Marie Bernard of

                              Cornillet, Jean Francois

                              Bonnel of Pradal and

                              Claude Ponse, priests and

                               martyrs (1792)

05     m      Peter of Pebrac, priest (ca.


12     m      Albert, bishop (1214)

17     m      Peter of Arbues, priest and

                   martyr (1485)

26     M      Kjeld, priest (1151)



03     M      Chrodegang, bishop (766)

10     m      John of Bridlington, priest


16     m      Bertrand, bishop (ca. 1123)

26     m      Folco, bishop (1229)


05     m      Gerhard (1123)

07     m      Israel (1014), Walter (1070) and

                  Theobold (1070) Religious

08     F       Feast of All Canon Regular


09     F       Dedication of the Lateran


14     m      Lawrence O’Toole, bishop


26     M      Pontius abbot (1178)



02     M      Jan van Ruysbroeck, priest


04     M      Archangelus Canetoli, priest


09     M      Peter Fourier, priest (1640)

11     m      Vicelinus, bishop (1154)

12     M      Hartmann, bishop (1164)